Less talk, more work. Let ambition define you. 



this is contact, a brush with the infinite.


Foxfire, spitfire, logs, cabins, houses, mouses, mice, edit, always, never, comfortable, must escape, this everything. Everything must go. Everything must change. Welcome the new, the unfamiliar, and the unknown. Stay true because you are blessed.

A life riddled with typos, keep making the same mistakes. Change to grow. 


Alive, fucking electric. Knowledge of self, attained. Experience life to appreciate it, only through experience will you begin to understand yourself. Life is an experience. Learn to focus on positive, in spite of the negative. This is life, move on. Change to grow, there is no other way.

Two cups in…

Music plays as I log my thoughts. Today, I begin the research phase of my first portfolio piece.

I have been bullshitting. 

This sloth must end. My drive, like everything else in my life, is a work in progress. Some days are better than others, my performance is wildly inconsistent. More time spent studying, coding, and writing is the answer to all of my problems. I have found my golden ticket, something worth the effort.

Just one truth.

I have only been truly honest with the women I love. An emotional dam separates me and the rest of the world. I’m not comfortable speaking freely around anyone else. People have agendas, I need my mental space, my mouth stays shut. Most of my time is spent alone, entertaining the  ideas and intentions of others is exhausting. I make a generous exception for women I love, the few women caring enough to entertain my nonsensical thoughts.  I know what this description makes me sound like, whatever you are thinking, and you are probably right. God help the man who challenges me.


I like who I am. I am not perfect, but I am worth something.